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Dar Cria

An interactive experimental visual narrative about birth
and perception in Virtual Reality


an exploration of multistable perception in Virtual Reality

Dar Cria is a VR experience that explores what happens when images with multiple visual interpretations are placed in a virtual environment 

a dimension where everything you see has another possible interpretation

From the metamorphosis of several creatures to the birth and childhood of a human being, the entire experience is based on images that reveal different stories at the same time

Use portals to explore different perspectives of more than 20 unique environments

The interface allows the users to find new ways to interpret the word around them through interactive portals that reveal other dimentions


While exploring an experimental narrative about birth and art making, Dar Cria challenges the user's perception of the surrounding environment through the use of imagery with multiple meanings.

Interactive portals connect the many spaces that form the experience and help the users identify another possible interpretation of what they see. 

Sound Design by Francisca Dores


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